Brad Thomson

Brad Thomson is a legal worker, organizer and writer.  He has worked as a paralegal and investigator at People’s Law Office since 2004, after graduating from Manchester College, majoring in Peace Studies and Communication.  As a legal worker, he is an active member of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and was named the NLG 2011 Legal Worker of the Year.  He is a member of the NLG’s Mass Defense Committee, Animal Rights Activism Committee and the Military Law Task Force.

He was part of the legal team in Vodak v. City of Chicago, a class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago which settled for $6.2 million. The case dealt with 800 demonstrators opposing the U.S. invasion of Iraq who were arrested by the Chicago Police.  In addition to working on the case, Brad was a plaintiff who was arrested and injured by the police that night.

Other cases he has worked closely on have included the “NATO 3,” the Occupy Chicago appeal, the case of Scott DeMuth, an activist charged with “animal enterprise terrorism” as a result of his support for animal liberation activists and Muhammad Salah, a Palestinian American charged with supporting terrorism for providing aid to the people of Palestine.

Brad has also been active in a number of political groups, including Food Not Bombs, Kick Boeing to the Curb and is a co-founder of Civilian-Soldier Alliance, an organization of civilians who work with anti-war veterans and service members organizing within the military.  He has also provided legal support to a number of social justice projects and causes, including Copwatch Chicago, Rainforest Action Network and Occupy Chicago.

Professional Organizations
Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers: Associate Member
Illinois Paralegal Association: Member, Accredited Paralegal
National Association of Legal Investigators: Member
National Defender Investigator Association: Associate Member
National Lawyers Guild: Member