Final Opportunity to Submit Claim Form in Class Action

This is the final opportunity to submit a claim form in Vodak v. City of Chicago, the class action lawsuit resulting from the actions of the Chicago Police at the anti-war protest on March 20, 2003.

The deadline to submit your claim form is this Monday, October 22. This is the date when the forms must be received, so at this point you must fax it, not mail it. The fax number is: (866) 540-4423. We suggest that you then call them at (877) 926-4750 to confirm that the fax has been received.

If you do not have a claim form, you can download one at the website of the Claims Administrator at When you fill it out, indicate which sub-class you are a member in.

The sub-class descriptions and settlement breakdown is as follows:

  • A-1: Detained on the street for over 90 minutes. Settlement up to $500
  • A-2: Taken into custody and released without being charged. Settlement up to $8,750
  • A-3: Taken into custody, charged and had to appear in court before charges were dropped. Settlement up to $15,000

If you have mailed your claim form to the Claims Administrator recently and are unsure whether they have received it, then it may be advisable to also fax a copy of the form to guarantee that they receive a form on your behalf.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at (773)235-0070