Police Cover-Up in the Marcus Smith Case

People’s Law Office attorney Flint Taylor was on Democracy Now! today discussing the police cover-up and civil case of Marcus Smith, a Black man who was suffering from a mental health crisis, who was brutally and fatally hogtied by 8 white Greensboro NC police officers. Follow the link to listen to the entire interview.

More About the Case:

Read the featured article by the Marshall Project published on May 24, 2021, titled “He Died Like an Animal”: Some Police Departments Hogtie People Despite Knowing The Risks.

Follow the Triad City Beat Newspaper to keep up to date on the important legal and political struggle, spearheaded by an interracial coalition of Greensboro activists, that continues, despite the chilling attacks by the City, its politicians and lawyers, to raise the homicide of Marcus Smith and the official cover-up that followed as an important part of the movement for Black Lives.

Read the Response to the Motion to Seal that was filed by lawyers from our office and Greensboro lawyer Graham Holt on May 23, 2021.