Updated Complaint in Suit Against CPD Officer with History of Racist Abuse

People’s Law Office Files Updated Complaint Against “Repeater Beater”
December 22, 2016

Civil Rights Lawyers in Chicago

Yesterday, the People’s Law Office filed an amended complaint on behalf of our client Kendall McClennon. Mr. McClennon was physically brutalized, tased and subjected to racist verbal abuse by Chicago Police Officer Raymond Piwnicki, who has amassed 89 civilian complaints of misconduct.  The complaint alleges that Piwnicki has physically abused, racially assaulted and tormented scores of other Black and Latinx people in the City for over a decade.  In pursuing this litigation, we seek just compensation for the traumatic injuries Defendant Piwnicki caused to Mr. McClennon and to hold Defendant Piwnicki, the other Defendant Officers and the City of Chicago accountable for this violation of the rights of Mr. McClennon.

From the Complaint:

To date, there have been eighty-nine complaints of misconduct filed against Defendant Piwnicki in a fourteen-year time span, from the time he started with the Chicago Police Department in June of 1998 through December 5, 2012.

In 48.3% of the eighty-nine complaints, Defendant Piwnicki was accused of engaging in excessive force; he was also accused of using racist verbal abuse in 20.2% of the eighty-nine complaints…

Fore more information:

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