Attorney & Staff Bios

For over 50 years, People’s Law Office attorneys in Chicago have successfully fought for the civil rights of victims of police brutality, wrongful convictions, false arrest and other government abuses. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in money damages for our clients through settlements and trial verdicts, as well as defending activists who have been targeted as a result of their political beliefs or organizing efforts on behalf of movements struggling for justice and liberation, obtaining freedom for the wrongly convicted and fighting against racism and the death penalty. Through our lawsuits we have helped uncover secret abuses by police and government officials – including an FBI program to destroy the Black Panther Party (Cointelpro) and a torture ring inside the Chicago Police Department – and have forced systemic changes in the justice system in Chicago.

Our civil rights attorneys and staff are dedicated to to getting the best results for our clients.  Click on a name below for more information.

Lourdes Arias

Kris Clutter
Ben H. Elson
Janine L. Hoft
Joey L. Mogul

Alexis Pegues

Jan Susler
Flint Taylor
Brad Thomson