Wrongful Convictions Attorneys

Wrongful convictions are a devastating and tragic result of the failures in our criminal legal system.  Countless innocent people have been wrongly accused and falsely incarcerated in this country, sometimes for decades because of police and prosecutorial misconduct.

People’s Law Office has a remarkable track record in successfully fighting for justice in civil lawsuits in false imprisonment cases.  For more information on the numerous cases of wrongfully convicted individuals we have represented, visit the Wrongful Convictions Case Updates.

If you were wrongly incarcerated and have been exonerated, you may be able to file a civil rights lawsuit for financial compensation.  Please contact us at (773) 235-0070 for an initial consultation with our staff.   While we can never replace the precious years wrongly convicted people have lost, we can fight to secure a verdict or settlement for this injustice.

While wrongful convictions occur throughout the nation, we have seen a huge number of people falsely convicted in Illinois, particularly Cook County and the City of Chicago.  For decades, our lawyers have focused a significant part of our practice on handling false imprisonment cases here in Chicago and throughout the state.

As a result of our extensive experience litigating wrongful conviction cases in Illinois, we have achieved large verdicts and settlements for our clients and have also amassed unparalleled knowledge and resources on the legal and factual issues related to false imprisonment. Our lawyers have a masterful understanding of matters such as police torture, DNA exonerations, coerced statements, false confessions, wrongful identifications, improper forensics, junk science and phony expert testimony used by police and prosecutors to wrongfully convict the innocent.

People’s Law Office is nationally recognized for our work successfully representing individuals in wrongful conviction cases.  As civil rights lawyers, we are unafraid of confronting and exposing injustice and will relentlessly fight for justice for those who have been wrongfully convicted.  We have secured over $110 million in jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.  Over $75 million of those verdicts and settlements have been in wrongful imprisonment cases.