People’s Law Office Awards

Below are some of the awards our lawyers have received for our civil rights work:

Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law “For Leadership in Attaining Redress For Civil Rights Vicitms” (2009)

Chicago Chapter of National Lawyers Guild “Arthur Kinoy Award” (2003, 2006, 2010)

Cook County Bar Association “William R. Ming, Jr. Award For outstanding and substantial contribution to the causes of civil rights and individual liberties” (2008)

Jewish Council on Urban Affairs “Courageous Voices Award” (2008)

National Lawyers Guild “Ernie Goodman Award” (1999, 2009)

Northwestern Law Center on Wrongful Convictions “Jenner & Block Award For Unflagging Struggle Against Police Brutality and Racial Repression Under Color Of Law” (2010)

Council on American-Islamic Relations Chicago “Courage Award-For Standing Up For Justice” (2008)

First Defense Legal Aid “First Defender Award For Tireless Commitment to Protecting the Civil Rights of Chicago Citizens” (2009)

Rainbow PUSH (2009)

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice “Trial Lawyer of the Year Award Winner” (2005)

Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty “Legal Advocacy Award” (2005)

Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization “Legal Eagle Award” (2008)

Eugene Debs-Norman Thomas-Michael Harrington Award (2010)

Crossroads Fund “Ron Sable Activism Award” (2003)

Chicago ADAPT (2007)

University of Northwestern Student Funded Public Interest Fellowship Program “Outstanding Commitment to Public Service” (2011)

Fred Hampton Scholarship Fund (2011)

National Lawyers Guild “Legal Worker of the Year Award” (2011)

Comite Pro Derechos Humanos de Puerto Rico (2006)

Arab American Action Network For years of outstanding commitment to Civil and Human Rights  Throughout Chicagoland (2006)

Operation PUSH “Advocate For Our Freedom” (1977)