On January 22nd, a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals panel comprised of Judge Ilana Rovner, Senior Judge Kenneth Ripple, and District Court Judge Sarah Barker heard arguments on the Darrell Cannon police torture case. In essence, the issue presented was whether Cannon was bound by a 1988 settlement of $3000 or, under the principles enunciated almost 30 years ago by the Seventh Circuit in the case of Bell v. Milwaukee, he could void the settlement and proceed with his torture and wrongful conviction claims. At the heart of the argument was the massive, racially based conspiracy to torture and cover-up that only came to light, piece by piece, after Cannon settled. The Court was quite receptive to Cannon’s arguments, which were presented by People’s Law Office attorney Flint Taylor, and asked some very pointed questions of the City concerning the Burge torture scandal, its cover-up, and the City’s role in it. The argument can be heard here. A fuller description of the case can be read here, a video of Darrell Cannon describing his torture can be viewed below, and Cannon’s appellate brief can be found here